Colin H. Smith

About Me

firefox-gray I am a thermal engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory , and I work on spacecraft thermal control.

I was previously a Combustion Energy Postdoctoral Research Fellow, working under Prof. Ronald Hanson at Stanford University and Dr. Nils Hansen at Sandia National Laboratory's Combustion Research Facility.

In December 2012 I graduated with a PhD from the mechanical engineering department at The University of Texas at Austin. My advisor was Dr. Janet Ellzey, and my dissertation was about rich and ultra-rich combustion for syngas production. I am primarily an experimentalist, and I am interested in heat/mass transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, combustion/reacting flows, optical engineering and laser diagnostics, uncertainty analysis, and systems engineering.

I graduated from Cornell University in 2004 with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. At Cornell I worked on a flame chemiluminescence project for Professor Fred Gouldin and an electron beam dump for Charles Sinclair at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source. For three years following graduation, I worked at Raytheon Company as a Radar Systems Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer.


Here is my CV

Here are some of my papers:

A scanned-wavelength-modulation absorption-spectroscopy sensor for temperature and H2O in low-pressure flames - Measurement Science and Technology - link to paper

Syngas production from burner-stabilized methane/air flames: The effect of preheated reactants - Combustion and Flame - link to paper

Conversion of jet Fuel and Butanol to Syngas by Filtration Combustion - International Journal of Hydrogen Energy - link to paper

Conversion of Wet Ethanol to Syngas via Filtration Combustion: an Experimental and Computational Investigation - Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2011 - link to paper

A Framework to Report the Production of Biodiesel from Algae - BioEnergy Research 2010 - link to paper

Design for a 1.3MW, 13 MEV Beam Dump for an Energy Recovery Linac, Proceedings of 2005 Particle Accelerator Conference - link to paper

My google scholar page - link

Click here for some combustion pictures

Here are some links:

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Kurt Lavetti who is an economics Prof. at The Ohio State University

Brent Castle who did statistics/computer science at Indiana

Alon Gorodetsky who is a Prof. at UC Irvine

Ingmar Schoegl who is a Prof. at LSU

Michael Webber who is a Prof. at UT (and one of my MS advisors)

The Combustion Institute

Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center

My graduate advisor, Dr. Janet Ellzey

Dr. Ofodike Ezekoye

Dr. Laxminarayan Raja

Dr. Carlos Hidrovo

Dr. Halil Berberoglu